WATCH: Young Boy Gets Caught Practicing For The Twerk Team

Miley, what have you done?!

Twerking fever has officially taken over, and its latest victim is this fiercely determined little boy. Watch this pint-sized queen pop, lock and drop it all over his Twilight bedspread and stuffed animals before being rudely interrupted by his jealous big sister. Some people just can’t handle all that jelly.

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  • lailaichong

    he is so cute!!

  • BlogZilla

    He should be practicing a good diet and exercise

  • DarkZephyr

    @BlogZilla: You are a horrible person.

  • Scribe38

    I if I walked in in something like that I would be putting parental locks on MTV. He is way too young to be dancing like that. If he really enjoyed dancing though, I would find a modern dance class for him.

  • Fitz

    What in the world was the decision making process that you
    went through when you posted this? Like we don’t have people
    accusing us of being child molesters already, you felt the need
    to post a video of a young boy shaking his ass? Idiocy.

  • Dxley

    Dude, you need to chill out. That anger you show ain’t healthy for you. I’m sure nobody will blame gays for this little boy’s twerking. Lol! Just have a good laugh. This shit is funny!!!

  • Kieran

    Did anybody think that this boy (or “queen” as queerty flippantly calls him) is going to have to go back to school and face his classmates next week? NAH!! Who cares if his privacy was horribly invaded and posted on YouTube. Who cares about this kids feelings?

  • mlbumiller

    over a month old

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