Watch Yourself, Gaga: Backlash Is Around the Corner

Betty White: Immune to backlash. Lady Gaga? Nope. The pop star who thrives on controversy knows how to create it for herself. But her MLB stunts aren’t avant garde or titillating. They’re obnoxious and desperate.

Not that baseball fans are Gaga’s base, so she needn’t risk offending those watching America’s favorite pastime. And she’s a New York native, which gives her some leeway in partaking in the city’s tradition of actin’a’fool while the boys play ball. But we arne’t seeing Artistic Gaga or Creative Gaga. We’re seeing Unruly Drunk Gaga, and it isn’t pretty.

After raising her middle finger at the Mets, she followed up at the Yankees with some drunken antics that may or may not have got her banned from the clubhouse.

I guess her “little monsters” are impressed with her … uh, sticking it to the man? Or whatever she was doing. But following in Madonna’s publicity footsteps will only take her so far. I haven’t talked with a single gay Gaga fan who thought her baseball schlock was amusing or funny. And while you might be tempted to say “Give the girl a break, she’s entitled to have some fun,” remember that this is a woman who doesn’t dare step out in public or sit for a reporter’s interview without a costume and a plan. So she didn’t wave around her middle finger and flash her bra because she was wasted. She did it because she knew there would be cameras. And because she doesn’t yet know what “overexposure” looks like.

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  • Fuck You, Queerty

    She’s human being, too. Who gives a fuck? She’s possibly the greatest music and fashion icon of this generation. She deserves to do what she likes. People need to stop worrying about Gaga at a Mets game, and worry about their own problems.

    FUCK THIS SITE. I’m getting fed up with you guys.

  • Nightstalker

    Ha… did some artless whiny queen twit get the password to your blog?

  • patrick

    The Top Ten Unanswered Questions for Lady Gaga:

    1. Who started Lady Gaga and why? When will you define the purpose of Lady Gaga?

    2. Who decided how much to wear to a Yankees game? And, why?

    3. With only two major recordings, who sets Lady Gaga’s goals and priorities?

    4. Who’s accountable for Lady Gaga’s actions? Who is in charge?

    5. Will Lady Gaga’s pants be packed with cronies and allies or will they be filled with a respectable and diverse mix of seasoned and new activists?

    6. What is Lady Gaga’s strategy and what are the results she must achieve to be successful?

    7. How does the “bluffin with my muffin” (Gaga’s words) benefit the LGBT Community?

    8. How do efforts to embarrass our political friends (NY Yankees) help the LGBT Community?

    9. How does emulating Madonna lead to changed minds or additional support for the LGBT Community?

    10. When will Lady Gaga organize formally and comply with dress code requirements?

    I’ve performed in cities all over the world and raised billions of dollars for charities and no one has ever seem my underpants. Not even me.


    She is a great talent, and a great friend of the Gays. Unfortunatley she is making some real bizzare decisions…She showed up at a Mets game half naked screaming “look at me” by her wardrobe choice and them complained that photographers wanted to take her picture……same thing at a Yankees game. I like her and hate to see her crash and burn but it seems like she is headed that way………..

  • Whatevs

    It will be interesting to see what happens. It’s just pop music. She’s fun to analyze, but I think seeing what she does with the next album is what is going to really tell the story. She started with fame and got it. Now she’s totally over-exposed and saturated into popular culture. It looks as though she is cracking to some extent. Is it real, is it fake? Is it commentary? Do I care? I don’t know. It’s just pop music with a little art, a little dancing, and some fun along the way. If confused teenagers feel better about themselves, so much the better.

  • menlo

    She needs to realize the benefit of lying low for a while and reappearing refreshed and original to the public and her fans. Too much of anything can be a bad thing.


    I mean “Bad Romance” and “Paparazzi” aside. This female is a menace to society lately.

  • M

    She didn’t get banned from the clubhouse. The reason they kicked her out is because they lost the game. It’s inappropriate to have celebrities in the clubhouse after the team just lost the game. Gaga needs to grow up.

  • Eric Thor

    Quite funny wonder if she or any of her fans care that she was banned from a clubhouse.

  • Jill

    Why are the writers of this blog so negative all the time? Also where idd the old version of Queerty go? Why am I now forced to deal with their lack of aesthetics and organization? I miss the days when this blog was a somewhat positive read and easy to navigate. Sad day for everyone – apparently even Lady Gaga…

  • Dollie

    [email protected] the reporter gushing over this stunt after exclaiming, “She is a smart woman!”

    Lady Gaga is certainly a smart woman, in general. However, this drunken foolishness was certainly not her “smartest” or finest hour.

  • Sean

    The greatest Madonna copycat of all time w/o the lyrically meaningful songs to back it up her actions.

  • Ponyboy

    Madonna…lyrically meaningful songs? LOL!!!!

    There’s been Gaga backlash since she hit the scene. SHe’s never had universal acclaim, backlash has been constant.

  • Franco

    I’m not a fan. Never have been. I know that puts me in a minority. She looks desperate for attention and she is far from original. I would like her to go away. Sadly, I fear like Sarah Palin, she’s here to stay.

  • swarm

    She claims she’s always been a die hard fan. Making her behavior even more ridiculous. If she was drunk/high when deciding to wear a bra and bikini to the game she’s alot more effed up than we knew. If not, she’s a complete joke. Win-win, Gaga. And lets get over this “friend of gays” narrative. She made a 1 minute speech one time. PFFFFT.

  • Alex

    Like you said she KNEW there would be cmaeras, and also like you stated, she never does things without a plan. so dont you think she knows what she’s doing and what will happen? DUH!!! Hahah you can predict Gaga no one can.

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