Watch Yourself, Gaga: Backlash Is Around the Corner

Betty White: Immune to backlash. Lady Gaga? Nope. The pop star who thrives on controversy knows how to create it for herself. But her MLB stunts aren’t avant garde or titillating. They’re obnoxious and desperate.

Not that baseball fans are Gaga’s base, so she needn’t risk offending those watching America’s favorite pastime. And she’s a New York native, which gives her some leeway in partaking in the city’s tradition of actin’a’fool while the boys play ball. But we arne’t seeing Artistic Gaga or Creative Gaga. We’re seeing Unruly Drunk Gaga, and it isn’t pretty.

After raising her middle finger at the Mets, she followed up at the Yankees with some drunken antics that may or may not have got her banned from the clubhouse.

I guess her “little monsters” are impressed with her … uh, sticking it to the man? Or whatever she was doing. But following in Madonna‘s publicity footsteps will only take her so far. I haven’t talked with a single gay Gaga fan who thought her baseball schlock was amusing or funny. And while you might be tempted to say “Give the girl a break, she’s entitled to have some fun,” remember that this is a woman who doesn’t dare step out in public or sit for a reporter’s interview without a costume and a plan. So she didn’t wave around her middle finger and flash her bra because she was wasted. She did it because she knew there would be cameras. And because she doesn’t yet know what “overexposure” looks like.