WATCH: The Zac Efron Eternally Shirtless Train Rolls Into Town With Seth Rogen On Instagram

In case you missed it, Zac Efron is looking gurd these days and he’s not afraid to show it. To promote their new movie, Neighbors, Efron and co-star Seth Rogen shot a little Instagram vid, in which Seth puts Zac in his place — a place we can all appreciate: standing there with no shirt and keeping his pretty mouth shut. Check out the Red Band trailer below:

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  • Katbox

    Well…gotta give him points for not shaving it off and keepin’ it real.

  • yaoming

    Loving the fur, too. Please let this be a new trend: natural men.

  • barkomatic

    Damn that Zac Efron. How does he not have a bit of fat on his body?

  • Meowzer

    Damn! Zac Efron is hot… and I’m LOVIN’ the the hairy chest!

  • Doughosier

    Zac is PERFECT!

  • EvonCook

    Yea, Zac is hot, handsome and sooooo sexy. Love every inch of him.

  • robho3

    that looks fuuny

  • Dxley

    Zac is overrated and adored by fucked up gay men who can’t get laid. Gay men who’ll sleep with anything that walks. Gay desperate men who would do anything to get hit on by a guy but never get that lucky. He’s handsome, yeah, but I’d never go crazy over him like a gay man who last got laid 7 years ago!

  • Horse Lips

    Gosh, Dxley, it sounds like you need to get laid.

  • J.c.

    @Dxley: What the hell is your problem? You didn’t take your meds today?

  • DarkZephyr

    @Dxley: The venom just doesn’t make sense. You have psychological issues.

  • Dxley

    You’re all fucking crazy. I can get laid anytime I want to. I actually have a lover who adores me, unlike most of you who just wank to sexy guys you’ll never have. Don’t worry. You’ll be fucking strong, and get boyfriends on the 31st of NEVER ;). I’m a mining engineer. Getting guys is fucking easy for me, but I don’t need them because my man is an actuary. I do handsome men with brains, not with just good bodies to bang and pretty faces to look at!

  • DarkZephyr

    @Dxley: Why are you giving us your life story? You are an an angry human being who lashes out at people for no reason. If I was your boyfriend, I would be terrified of you.

  • NateB79

    @Dxley: I’m not sure how your resume is relevant to a little fluff article about a piece of eye candy? The fact that you don’t find him attractive and others do, isn’t an excuse to go on a psychotic rant about what losers people are. You should really have your doctor check your dosage. I’m sure there are people that find you and your actuary to he heinous people. And judging by your personality I imagine it’s a fairly high number.

  • Dxley

    DarkZephyr, the thing is you’re not my boyfriend and you’ll never be(thank God). I’m not angry, I’m just saying my mind and I’m not lashing out at anyone. You’re just a lonely guy who gets offended by everything. It’s a fucking shame!

    NateB79, I said Zac is attractive, which is a fact but I wouldn’t really go crazy about him. I’m a nice guy, really, and my future husband is a NICER guy. How exactly are we “heinous”? I never thought writing reflects personality but hey, all I know is numbers, math and science. You, boys, need to chill out. You sound fat, ugly and broke, judging from your bitching!!!

  • Horse Lips

    @Dxley: Yeah, you sound like a real catch, Dxley.

  • Garth

    Zac … absolutely pass out beautiful.

  • Dxley

    @ Horse Lips: I am, actually. I can kiss your guy right in front of you and you won’t say anything. Even if you do, he’ll still choose me :)

  • evdanker

    @Dxley: Tell us how you really feel.

  • evdanker

    @Dxley: Sound kinda angry to me…

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