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WATCH: Zach Wahls Chats About Boy Scouts Reconsidering No-Gays Policy

ThinkProgress interviewed Zach Wahls, the openly gay Eagle Scout and son of a lesbian couple fighting for the inclusion of gay leaders and members in the Boy Scouts. Along with catching up on the fight’s progress, they asked what he thought about the organization’s recent announcement that it’d reexamine its no-gays policy.


“This proposal was made after Jen Tyrrell’s petition on So even though this has been brought up in the past, it’s never gotten nearly the level of attention that it has today. And as another departure from the past, there’s never been a group—which I actually launched in coordination with a number of other Eagle Scouts today—called “Scouts For Equality.” And we’re going to be working with a number of different groups to really build a community of scouts — Eagle scouts, former scout leaders, that sort of thing. We’re really going to work toward making this policy change.”

Wahls has continued to make great strides, and it’s wonderful to hear he has formed an official organization for the cause. Get involved at Scouts For Equality.