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  • Dumdum

    Zack is amazing ! I love this young man. He is smart, very articulate, such a nice boy. The first time I saw him on Tellie . The Daily Show. I got a little choked up. A truly impressive human being.His moms are way cool.

  • LadyLady

    Thank you Zach. Your moms did a great job with you and you do them and people like them very, VERY proud. All the best to you.

  • balehead

    A Born leader!…Just shove him into an election already!!!

  • balehead

    If you want to be President someday…you better join in this fight…not a phony war…

  • Dumdum

    Yes, And I will lick his butt and do anything to make him King of us all !!! He does so much more as a person than an icon. Only common sense will lead us into a better place. Oh my gosh people. Everyone is a star… Duh!!! Just a sweet boy who makes us all look good. Or perhaps he allows us to see what we ALL can be. Just saying……

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