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Watching Mika Kick-Ass Is Just a Sad Reminder Nicolas Cage Is In the Movie

Audiences seeing Kick-Ass, the upcoming film about amateur superheroes, will be treated to Mika’s little title track number, from producer RedOne, who works with this lady, during the closing credits, or maybe the opening credits? It always confuses us why movie producers sometimes wait until everyone is leaving their seats to roll the song created just for their movie. Isn’t that what happened with 2012‘s “Time For Miracles” with that Adam Lambert guy?

Maybe it’s assumed that some folks will miss the opening credits because they’re shuffling in with popcorn and big gulp sodas and turning off their cell phones and such? Okay.

That Mika was selected for the title song seems appropriate: Squirrely, lean, and unassuming, Mika is just like the ambitious group of crime-stoppers featured in the film. Less prone to actual ass kicking, however.