Wax On, Wax Hair Off


We don’t mind a little hair on our men. But sometimes it can be too much in all of the wrong places. If you’re concerned about looking like a yeti from behind, there are now more options than ever. Guys (and select lesbians), waxing your back might be your best option.

Choosing the right professional is the preferred route and it’s how metrosexual (or is it gay vague?) David Beckham stays so damn smooth. The Nickel Spa in New York is exclusively for men and they can clean off that hair for $35. We like them because they have a happy hour (read: sale!). All services Monday-Thursday between 2-4 p.m. are 15% off.

Or if you’ve just walked out of The 40 Year Old Virgin and can’t bear the thought of someone else ripping the hair off your back, then you S&M folks might just want to do it yourself.

The Lycon Home Waxing Kit won’t hurt (too much) and is cheap.

If you do wax yourself, be careful. We’ll take a hirsute back over 3rd degree burns any day.

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