"His true colors...are quite dark and intolerant."

Wayne Besen Speaks Mike Huckabee Truth

Wayne Besen ain’t happy with Mike Huckabee’s recent Meet The Press appearance. The gay activist released the following statement:

It is alarming that a man with such backward views is a serious contender for the GOP nomination. [Ed. note: But not surprising]

In the real world, people either act on their sexuality in healthy ways or act like Ted Haggard and Sen. Larry Craig – a tragic lesson that seems lost on Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee should explain why he is freely associating with known extremists and how this squares with his professed sunny and optimistic vision for America. Furthermore, the comparison of homosexuality to pedophilia and necrophilia is as ignorant as it is offensive. As the primaries approach, Mike Huckabee is beginning to show his true colors – and they are quite dark and intolerant.

These are all true statements, but also endear him to social conservatives.