Is Instagram Turning Real Girls into Drag Queens?
YouTube makeup sensation Wayne Goss, better known by his channel name Goss Makeup Artist, has a message for real girls who aren’t diluting down drag makeup techniques (with a shout out to Miss Fame!):

[quote]Drag is amazing. Most of the time the girls are so talented and we can certainly learn a lot from them. The contouring and highlighting techniques as well as the amazing eyeshadow looks – so much to learn. However, what we are doing (I feel) is using these techniques (on women’s faces) and not diluting them down. Making the face look very masculine (in my opinion). The sharpness it creates on a man (who’s turning himself into a woman) is wonderful, but often on the female form it takes a pretty woman and makes her look harsh, often masculine.

“With Instagram BOOMING more and more, people are coming to me showing me pictures that are basically drag.

“Like I said in the video, makeup is about self expression, so you should do whatever you like 🙂 it’s just makeup… but it also worries me that young girls might think that this is what makeup means and what it means to be beautiful.”[/quote]

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Bonus: If you post your clean beauty looks and use the hashtag #waynegosscleanbeauty, Wayne will retweet and re-gram them to his accounts.