We Care About The London Riots Now That They’re Ruining Gay Happy Hours

In case you haven’t smelled the burning, at this very moment youth around the England are organizing riots via Twitter and Facebook—ostensibly over the shooting death of a Tottenham man by London police.

It’s a big ol’ mess with the Prime Minister calling the government back from vacation early so they can sic the police on the rioters. Meanwhile the rioters continue smashing store front windows with cinderblocks and torching entire buildings whole.

So why after three days of rioting are we just covering it now? Well, because its bled into Birmingham’s gay district of course (duh).

ZONE Magazine reports:

The London riots have spread beyond the capital to Birmingham, including the Gay Village. Popular gay bars Missing, The Loft Lounge, Equator, Purple Bar and The Angel Bar were all closed on the advice of police at around 9pm last night. The police have confirmed that at least 35 arrests have already been made. The Birmingham Hippodrome theatre, which is located on the edge of the gay village in the Southside area of Birmingham, was on a ‘lockdown’ with up to 2,000 theatre-goers locked inside watching We Will Rock You. Following the performance, police escorted patrons to the safety of their cars in the Arcadian Centre.

Yes, queer bookstore Gay’s The Word was also singled out in the attacks but shit just got real—well, really gay, anyway. When 2,000 English theater-goers are locked in a theater to watch a musical about Freddie Mercury and Queen for their own good, you know things outside ain’t right.