We Didn’t Want The Chipped Beef Anyway

Don't Ask

Should the official meaning of BS be changed, such that the first letter stands for Bush, while the second letter continues to stand for poo-poo? BS dust was thick in the air in the Supreme Court this week as the so-called justices debated whether the Solomon Act can be allowed to prevail over a university’s right to enforce its human rights policies.

The whole argument is taking place on unfair terms; academics who oppose “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” have IQs over 120, government officials who love “DADT” on the other hand . . . .

Queerty at any rate encourages you to stay out of the military. Dropping cluster bombs on innocent civilians in foreign countries isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, particularly not from a moral standpoint. Even if the military had a Show and Tell policy, their exercise routines do not emphasize proper development of pecs and glutes. As for the food: not for nothing is it called a mess hall. And their idea of entertainment; when the highlight of the year is Jessica Simpson squeaking out a generic pop number at you, it’s time to trade in the fatigues for some tight-assed Diesel jeans to take a stroll around the Village. Who knows; you might even come nose to pink nose with the Lady Bunny!

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