We Do: Target Adds Same-Sex Wedding Cards

If there was any lingering suspicion Target had it in for the gays, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that the big-box retailer has added greeting cards honoring sex-sex weddings and unions.

Placed on card racks under the headings of “For two special men” and “For two special women,” the cards are adorned with phrases such as “Mr. & Mr.” and “Two very special women, one very special love.”

The cards, produced by Carlton Cards, an imprint of American Greetings, hit stores in June.

Last week, Target came under fire for not carrying Frank Ocean‘s new album Channel Orange—the supposition being it was because he had come out about a gay relationship. But now if Ocean settles down with a nice boy, you can at least buy him a card there.

In 2010 the company did donate to Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who opposed same-sex marriage. But corporations look after their own interests first—it’s almost certain the company cut a check to Emmer hoping he’d be pro-business. (Do you know what politicians every store you shop at has given money to?)

A Target spokeswoman denied the company had an anti-gay agenda, telling the paper “Target is focused on diversity and inclusivity.”

As for the cards, they sound lovely. But we’re gonna stick with our someecards.

Photo: Tom Sweeney/DML

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