Are All Gays Worthy Of Our Time, Energy, Interest?

We Don’t Know What To Think Anymore

Via AfterElton’s legitimately interesting interview with the ultra-dreamy Cheyenne Jackson, who appears in Xanadu on Broadway:

With his piercing eyes, striking features, beautiful complexion, and imposing 6’4” frame, the part-Native American Cheyenne Jackson is the gorgeous young actor of everyone’s dreams — as those who saw him on Broadway in All Shook Up or on film in United 93 will attest. The fact that he happens to be gay only adds to his fascination quotient.

Is that so?

Now, consider this exchange between Jackson and homo-journo Michael Portantiere

MP: I’m guessing that, in terms of theater work, your being out has been a non-issue.

CJ: That’s right. Here, your reputation is everything. People know if you’ve got the goods, if you’re easy to work with, and if you can get the job done. Besides, it’s New York theater. Everybody’s gay!

We’re so confused. If being gay makes you interesting – a statement with which Jono would no doubt disagree – does that mean all theater fags are interesting?

If so, why do we find most of them so fucking boring?