We Found Something HRC’s Joe Solmonese And GetEQUAL’s Robin McGehee Agree On!

One of these people favors giving handjobs to Democrats. The other favors fisting them. But both agree on one thing: Rep. Patrick Murphy, the Iraq war vet and Pennsylvania Democrat who spearheaded the House’s DADT repeal effort, deserves your vote next month as he faces off against Republican former Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, who lost his seat to Patrick in 2006. (The pair held their last debate last night.)

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  • AndrewW

    Unfortunately, it’s probably too late.

    The Aravosis-Spaulding-GetEQUAL strategy to “embarrass Democrats” has given us a new Republican Congress and a President that will do anything to just avoid us.

    Pissing on our friends was really bright. Thanks John, Pam and Robin.

    If you want to keep seeking donations, I would recommend you ask Republicans – they owe you.

  • papparon

    You can still help even if you are not in Pennsylvania or the 8th District – make a financial contribution if you can afford it. This year the state of Pennsylvania is one of those “swing states” that can make all the difference in the world to our causes – do what you can even if it is not your state.

  • Cam


    Oh yeah, it’s all get equals fault, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that Obama punted on the public option, refused to close GITMO, came out against a repeal of DADT this year, sided with the GOP on drilling off the East Coast, the White House supporting BP’s lies about first their being no oil leak in the Gulf, then that only a few barrells a day were leaking while the NEWS was making them look stupid by reporting that slicks the size of the island of Jamaica were floating around out there….etc…

    Oh, but you’re right, Get Equal must be responsible for the Democratic apathy this go around.


  • AndrewW

    @Cam: You’re smarter than that Cam. John Aravosis, Pam Spaulding and GetEQUAL have engaged in a strategy called “embarrass Democrats” for the past nine months. Their childish strategy is based on the idea that slapping our friends is how you hold them “accountable.” It has only helped Republicans.

    The fact is Obama hasn’t been in office two years. Yet many in our community didn’t even wait a year before attacking him. I’m not saying he did enough, but he does need the Congress to accomplish anything. He doesn’t have 60 votes in the Senate. So, instead of spending the last two years trying to change that reality, we had part of the community trying to devalue his Presidency and ALL Democrats. The sad part is that much of it worked.

    Republicans benefited from the aggression of GetEQUAL, not us.

  • RichardR

    @AndrewW: I’m reluctant to wade into a fuss,but you’re mistaken, AndrewW, in your assertion that Pam, Andy, and GetEqual have advocated voting against “all democrats.” Rather, they have advocated witholding contributions to democrat’s fundraising efforts (DSSC, DHSC, etc.) and contributing to local and other candidates who are pro-equality. They’ve also encouraged everyone to vote.

    Personally, I echo their positions.

  • Josh

    @RichardR: I think he said the strategy was to “embarrass Democrats” and that’s what get-equal did and it was promoted by Aravosis and Spaulding.

  • RichardR

    @Josh: Please read AndrewW’s comment #4. He even spelled “all” in caps. Some Democrats, including those who’ve created the massive cluster-fuck around DADT, indeed deserve embarrasment at the very least. Many others do not.

    Sadly, Democrats would lose seats in the house and senate at this mid-term after President Obama’s election, even had he done everything everybody wanted. To blame inevitable losses on activists who propose funding and supporting the races of known supporters, rather than any and every democrat, including the Lincolns, Blue dogs, etc. is just not sensible. Those activists’ disappointment is justified, and their response is appropriate.

  • Josh

    @RichardR: You’re not very bright Richard. His point was GetEQUAL was embarrassing ALL Democrats instead of changing the makeup of the Senate. That’s obvious.

    If you think stupid activists have helped us – please explain HOW? Everything GetEQUAL, Dan Choi and a few other rag-tag groups have done this year is create more enemies and make us look like crazies.

    You must be a self-described “activist” or you wouldn’t promote such silly ideas. Activism might be helpful, but not the attention-whores from GetEQUAL.

    John Aravosis, Pam Spaulding and other ignorant LGBT “advocates” are just as stupid as GetEQUAL and just as much to blame. You have to be angry and ignorant to think GetEQUAL makes sense. Aravosis and Spaulding are both.

  • Activi$ts Need Your Support

    Getequal has shown us the way to equality. Stop being so lazy and donate today:

    I won’t give to HRC, but I have given my money to Getequal. I think they have the right idea – punish people and they will love you. Maybe we’ll have more republicans for the next 10-12 years, but I think Getequal showed democrats that they can push us around – maybe they can dismiss us, but they can’t just push us around.

    I want Getequal to embarrass and humiliate everyone so they know what it is like to be LGBT. Maybe this delays our equality, but I am angry and i want to see people slapped around a bit. I want people to be abused like we have. After I have enough of that, I guess we should figure out how to win. I’m thinking that in 2020 we can get back to making progress.

    Please join me in supporting our ability to bitch and moan. Getequal has cost us friendships, but when I go to bed at night I remember that at least we have gotten the opportunity to piss some people off. At lease we get to bitch-slap some bigots.

    Please donate. We can’t do this for free. Help us hurt the people that have hurt us. Help us embarrass them.

  • GetEqual NOW!

    These times make us recognize that we cannot make progress until we punish these bigots. Help us do that. Help us take this fight into the streets, churches and homes of bigots. We should be having angry rallies, but we need your help. Please donate now before more children die: We know the enemy is Christians. Help us confront them. Pay for your equality instead of hoping for it.

    We are leading the way. Please help us attack those that are attacking us. It is the only way to win and we are professionals. We know how to do this. We just need your financial support. Give now. Give like you are serious, WE are.

  • GetEqual NOW!

    @AndrewW: AndrewW is just trying to stop the Revolution. GetEQUAL is telling the world fuck off losers, we are in charge now.

    If you know who AndrewW is please contact me. I will give you $500 on the spot. We MUST stop anonymous comments. We must support those that are working for you. Just pay them. If you want to win you will pay. Stop commenting and start paying – we’ll do the rest. We are highly trained and we don’t take any shit – just donations. Where is YOUR donation????

    Good question fatso. Get Involved. GetEqual. GetSmart.

  • LesbianSupporter

    Pam Spaulding is an angry lesbian bitch.

    How does this help us?

    Check out the anger:

    We make lesbians our heroes. No matter what they think.

    We would eat Hillary. She has earned that much. Or munch.

  • DR

    With all due respect to Senator Murphy, I seem to recall the bill going from a full legislative repeal to the charile foxtrot we ended up with, which is some sort of administrative non-repeal which could be yanked with the next President. I recall Senator Murphy proudly toting this non-repeal to us like we were too dumb to understand the significant changes, which included removal of non-discrimination clauses and throwing everything into the hands of the folks who weren’t too keen on repeal.

    Explain to me again why I ought to send my $$$ to him?

  • Jackson

    @AndrewW: You said:

    “The Aravosis-Spaulding-GetEQUAL strategy to “embarrass Democrats” has given us a new Republican Congress and a President that will do anything to just avoid us.

    Pissing on our friends was really bright. Thanks John, Pam and Robin.”

    I completely agree. Aravosis, Spaulding and McGehee are angry radicals that care more about getting attention, than getting results.

  • Ian

    What’s with the at leat three different trolls pretending to be activists? Any moron can see how you are actually trying to denigrate GetEQUAL that utilizes in the streets tactics in favor of status-quo kiss-ass lobbying/begging accepting whatever crumbs the Dems choose to give to the HRC.

    You guys are blatantly childish but your childish “Uncle Tom’ness” inspired me to give some more $$ to GetEQUAL, so thanks for inspiring me and others to give to support the progres toward our equality!!

  • Justin

    @Ian Those three different trolls are AndrewW. Check out this recent post titled “Regarding AndrewW” Favorite it so you can share the link any time AndrewW is on the attack.

  • FindingAndrewW

    @Justin: Isn’t it obvious that AndrewW is at HRC? Another white, wealthy, obnoxious do-gooder. Sounds just like HRC to me. I bet they have interns posting all those comments, I see them everywhere.

  • Ian

    @FindingAndrewW: It wouldn’t surprise me as anyone who has been reading the gay news & blogs these past few months would be noticing the seismic shift in support away from HRC to GetEQUAL.

  • Jake

    STFU GetEQUAL and Robin McGehee. This is lunacy and not a surprise at all. Anyone who offers a ‘reward’ for an anonymous blog commenter that disagrees with your group is clearly unstable. Crazy-pants unstable.

  • Ian

    @Jake: I find it to be a rather refreshing “put up or shut up” attitude myself. It’s easy to comment anonymously, it takes balls, whether your gender has ’em or not, to put your name to your words.

  • AndrewW

    @ Robin McGehee: $500 reward? I will give anyone that can demonstrate that your organization GetEQUAL is effective $50,000. Just show how “embarrassing or humiliating Democrats” helps us and I will pay $50,000. We are going to get our asses kicked on November 2nd and your little band of idiots is partly to blame. You have helped Republicans and hurt all of us. I want to win, not complain. All you have is bitching to the choir – it isn’t helpful. If someone can demonstrate how it is, I will pay.

    Let’s not stop there – if you have an idea to help create our equality I will pay up to $100 million. We have been paying organizations to ‘work for us” for too long. I want solutions.

    Email me: [email protected]

    And, you “offer” Robin – fuck you. You make $100,000 a year and you haven’t accomplished anything.

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