We Just Had Our Winningest Week Ever For Marriage Equality

Freedom IndianaIf you felt a special tingle last week, maybe it was because that was possibly the most winningest week for marriage this country’s ever seen. We had so many victories it’s easy to lose count. Let’s tally them up:

First, there was Virginia, where the state marriage ban is unconstitutional. Yay!

Then, there was Indiana, where the marriage ban bill is dead until 2016 (and probably forever, since support is shrinking fast). Yay!

And how about Kentucky, of all places, where a judge ruled that the state must recognize out-of-state licenses and two couples filed a new lawsuit to force full marriage equality. Yay and yay!

Of course there’s also Texas, where a lawsuit advanced; Missouri and Ohio and Alabama, which all got new lawsuits; and hey signature gathering is going great in Oregon.

Can you believe we’re barely into the second month of the year? At this rate we’re all going to be gay-married by the end of autumn.

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