We Love You, Gay USA

We get a lot of shit for being a bit too coast-centric. We don’t do this to exclude the rest of the country. It’s really more a matter of circumstance than intent, we promise. So, we just wanted to let you, our darling and faithful readers, know that we’re open to any and all information on events in your ‘hoods. (And, of course, you international folk are welcome to submit, as well.)

While we can’t guarantee said event will get posted, we’ll try our hardest. So, if your gay company is having a party, why not let us know? If there’s a special bar night somewhere, pass it along. If you’re having a party at your house – well, those probably won’t get a mention, so let’s keep it to larger, most inclusive events, deal?

(Oh, and don’t you love the gay USA map? It’s so colorful!)