We Meet (2/3 of) The Karshner Triplets


We were at the Genre Magazine party hosted by the Karshner Triplets at East/West in West Hollywood last night. We hung with 2/3 of the brothers (Ryan and Nick) and you’d never have guessed from their photos that these adorable guys are almost hobbit-sized.

Remember their hot W Magazine photo shoot with Tom Ford from a couple of months ago? We sure do. We had to ask them what it was like to watch as Mr. Ford took a buffer to their brother’s ass. They just “laughed” the whole time. (Buffee triplet Craig was home sick with the flu.) According to Ryan and Nick, Ford took quite a liking to them during the shoot, openly flirting and chasing them around the LA mansions. Can’t blame the guy.

Alas, they repeatedly affirmed their heterosexuality but did say how much they love their gay fans. Nick told us they have tremendous respect for gay people because they not only have “come out to their family” but “come out to the world.”

After our long chat ended our jaws dropped at the sight of Ryan bent over in front of Nick to use his back so he could sign their new calendar for us. It was almost a fantasy come true. We wonder if Tom Ford managed to get them in that position.

After the jump, the famous buffing pic.