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We Remember Finding Waldo, But We Forgot About the Hidden Cross-Dressing Male Bride

Illustrator Martin Handford’s celebrated Where’s Waldo? series remains, to this day, one of our favorite book collections. No, not children’s book collections, but all book collections. Hours and hours of searching for that slim geeky nerd amidst all the chaos? This was a metaphor for our lives! But at the ages we were most engrossed in finding Waldo, we never realized just what kind of messed up shit Handford inserted into his two-page snapshots of imagination. Like the cross-dressing bride in “Having a Ball in Gaye Paree,” above.

Or the muscle hunks cruising the river in “Campsite”:

Or the bisexual mermaid orgy Waldo was about to enjoy in “The Deep Sea Divers”:

[Topless Robot]