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  • Ray

    i’m starting to think all Morning Goods should just feature guys from DNA.

  • faghag

    Hey Andrew, are you on heat or something?
    You need to get laid already.

  • mark

    Now that’s a man

    what the earlier model didn’t have this guy has in ABUNDANCE.
    thanks for some great pictures that made their way magicly to my files.

  • Woof


  • mark

    Linking your beatiful photo spread with the two Log Cabin stories.
    If Republican queers want to do something useful, hire Bryan to walk through the RNC Convention and we’ll automaticly out every queer in the house.
    Even those jaded old queers will have their eyes peeled and drool frothing on their chins…they won’t be able to resist.

    RESISTANE IS FUTILE….Buh hahahaha

  • mark

    beautiful …..typo

  • Darth Paul


  • Jon Claren

    Great to see chest hair and treasure trails coming back. They are sooooo sexy. Chest hair is hot to grab onto in the throes of passion.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Did the photographer have something for armpits? What’s with all the arms-over-the-head shots?

    Hottie though!


    MY MY! Sexy-licious!

  • Matt

    I really wish DNA would put someone on the cover hotter than me!!! :) Sorry, guys i’m working on my self esteem/self image.

  • brad

    Oh gross. Nair that chest honey!

  • mark

    Brad…f*ck the nair, I’d be glad to gnaw it off

  • L

    Small, weak mouth and possible teeth problems – not that he would smile or anything…

  • porsha

    Oh my, oh my, oh my!

  • Tim

    Absolute perfection!

  • Michael

    The hair stays! Enough with the prepubescently waxed men. Damn that fur is fu*kable!

  • Mike

    Thank God that body hair is back in fashion on men. I was so tired of seeing guys in their late 20’s and 30’s shaved clean as a pre-teen. I feel sorry for all the guys that signed up for laser hair removal and got the package to permanently look like a plucked chicken. Maybe there will be a boom in pubic toupees…

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