We Want More!

Juanita More

Andy Warhol loved drag queens. Remember Candy Darling, Holly Woodlawn, Jackie Curtis? Mr. Warhol would have most likely loved Juanita More. Miss More is the Scissor Sister’s muse who lives in San Francisco. She runs through the city with a pack of hot, half-naked boys called the Moreboys: think street gang with way too much eye-liner.

In an homage to Andy, Miss More has created a limited edition silk screen poster (only 20 made) of herself morphed into Liz Taylor. David LaChapelle did a similar style with Amanda Lepore a few years back. Juanita’s poster would be great for any home. It is a work of art with a twist of kitsch and a ridiculous subject matter. Much like her t-shirt lines, these posters will be sure to sell out. Queens just keep wanting More!