We Want Your Art

We’re not above getting lost on the internet: hopping from one site to the next with no rhyme or reason. While we’ve wasted countless hours of our already fairly empty lives, we stumble across some wonderful things in the process (let’s face it: things are much better than people.)

And that’s exactly what happened just now. We were in such a daze after hearing the horrid news that poor Katie Holmes will be legally bound to Tom Cruise (as if a baby’s not binding, anyway), that we wandered off into the virtual jungles of the internet.

While we saw some pretty amazing things out there, we’re particularly excited by what we found over at Juxtapoz. In case you don’t know, Juxtapoz is an “arts and cultures” magazine, whatever that means.

Anyway, they’ve got this wonderfully “cultured” tradition of posting reader art, like this piece from a French artist namedNicoz Balboa. We think she’s swell and have a feeling you will, too.

While plugging Nicoz and her wonderful art iss all well and good, the moral of the story is that we want your art.

Yep, you heard right: we want you, our fabulously talented readers, to email us your work. Just send it to that schmuck editor, Andrew, and he’ll hold a special Queerty tribunal during which we’ll salivate over the findings, pick out the best bits, and smack ’em up on the site. (Not only that, we’ll write the nicest things about you ever.)