We Want Your Art: Stuart Sanford

This isn’t the first time Stuart Sandford‘s popped up here. You may recall him from The Narcissist Issue, in which he said:

I see sexuality as fluid. I don’t define myself as gay, but I’m definitely far more attracted to men than I am to women. I don’t think it’s always important to define yourself as one of the other. It’s a societal construct and the main reason we do this is to get sex. So let’s keep experimenting, not just in our youth, but also throughout the rest of our lives.

Sound advice, we think, particularly for all you artists out there. Don’t forget we’re always open for your creative contributions. So, send some images to that schmuck editor of ours – it’ll make his day.

As for Sandford, he took these shots during an artist residency in Rotterdam. Sounds like a lovely place. Take a look at some other snaps, after the jump…




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