We Were Right

madonna at roxy

We were right. The bitch showed up at both Roxy and MisShapes, played some new records, and danced with a bunch of queens. We almost made it. After seeing the hilarious Sock Puppet Showgirls (you should go, if in NYC) we headed over to Roxy where the line was around the corner and the VIP line was 100 deep. No one was being let in and the wind was so hard it made all the plastic disco balls attached to the front of the Roxy fly, smacking a couple queens in the face.

The rain was coming down sideways. We were dressed to the nines and after two minutes of this madness, left. Sorry Madge. But we knew you weren’t singing and we don’t ruin Burberry Prorsum for just anything. Back in the day we would have stood in the rain, coat checked the wet clothing, and danced almost naked. But, you know, we grew up. And ecstasy is just not the same these days.

Our friends had a wonderful time. Gary caught some of the night with his camera videophone. It’s a glimpse into a small piece of shiny, gay heaven.

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