We Wish We Knew How To Quit Fox News

Jake Gyllenhaal Brokeback

We find it nearly impossible to change the channel from Fox News. It’s on as background entertainment all day long while we blog. We wouldn’t want to miss a minute of their yellow, er, professional journalism. We didn’t get a chance to catch today’s edition of Dayside. What did we miss? A talk on Brokeback Mountain’s queer agenda and this lovely moment when host Alisyn Camerota (Shock! A sexy blonde reporter on Fox!) made her way through the “fair and balanced” audience.

MAN IN AUDIENCE: I agree with what he’s saying and I think the best thing that those of us are opposed to this kinda thang can do is just not go see it.


CAMEROTA: Sure, that is certainly your prerogative. Okay, uhm, very quickly the other side?

WOMAN IN AUDIENCE: Hi, I think it’s about time we made a serious film showing, you know, diverse couples getting together. I think it’s about time. It’s going on 2006, so.

CAMEROTA: Thank you. Okay, that’s the fair and balanced version…


CAMEROTA: (to aforementioned audience member) …you’re a brave woman in this audience.

We so love everything about Fox News, including the plants in the audience who provide the rest of the members with someone to jeer.

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