Wealthy + Influential Gays Gather in NYC for Wine, Not to Give Money


At a New York City gay rights pow-wow two days before Pride, City Council Speaker Christine Qunn, Lance Bass (seated on the couch), Cleve Jones, Dustin Lance Black (leaning against the fireplace), and a couple dozen other moneyed “influentials” gathered at the West Village townhouse of banker John Connor and home decorator Steven Gambrel (pictured) for white wine and hors d’oeuvres. This pair are used to opening their home to causes. The guests were there to plot strategy about New York marriage equality and jazzercise themselves about October’s march on Washington thing. Mr. Bass offered to use his Facebook account “that has something like 500,000 fans” to generate volumes of small donations from many people. Mr. Bass’ Facebook page has fewer than 4,500 fans. David Mixner, the gay activist, told those gathered, “I don’t have much money, but I’m going to put up $5,000. So who will match me?” Three seconds passed. “Who will match that?” he repeated with emphasis. Finally, the evening’s host, Mr. Connor (who may also go by Chris), who likely paid for the wine, said he would match it. The Observer says $15,000 in donations were collected that evening, so it’s unclear who else in the room threw in the extra $5,000. Did we mention the folks were invited over for the evening for their financial and cultural influence?

UPDATE: There’s video of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s speech.