Queerty Contest!

Wear This Rainbow Pride Jockstrap – And Win!


QUEERTY CONTEST — Underwear company Activeman has, to capitalize on a re-popularized interest in gay pride and our belief that all of us can look good in the right pair of garments, released the “Rainbow Pride Jockstrap.” It’s either a way to send the clearest signal about your sexuality at your next white party (besides, you know, being at a white party) or the most horrific fashion statement since men’s leggings.

That said, we’re willing to bet some of you have the balls — and ass — to pull this off. Or at least we’re hoping. If you’re 18 or over (and only if you’re 18 or over), grab yourself a Rainbow Pride Jockstrap (you can pick one out from International Jock in regular white or black, or swimmer white or black), photograph yourself in it (full body shot, with face, required), and dammit, make yourself look sexy.

We’ll cull through the submissions, pick our favorite, and courtesy InternationalJock.com, the winner will receive a $250 gift card to their online store.

You must submit the following to be considered:
• Full name. Please note in your email if you do not want your name published. We need it for our records.
• At least one photo (not from a cell phone camera, please) of your full body wearing the Rainbow Pride Jockstrap. The photo you submit MUST include your face for identification purposes. Please note if you do not want your face published (we will blur or crop it out).
• Certify in writing you are AGE 18 OR OVER. No submissions without the line “I CERTIFY I AM 18 YEARS OR OLDER” will be considered. Any submissions without this text WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY.

Send all this to [email protected] (Subject: Jockstrap Contest), then check back soon for a winner.

No purchase necessary to enter. You do not need to buy anything from InternationalJock.com to enter or win. Like, go borrow a friend’s jock if you want.