Brace for impact

Weatherman can’t help himself, gives drag queen hurricane forecast

Hurricanes are given their names by an international group of meteorologists known as the World Meteorological Organization. Who knew?

The process also involves some odd tidbits like this one: If there are more than 21 storms that strike in one season, subsequent names are pulled from the Greek alphabet. Makes sense.

And while parts of Texas are still reeling from Harvey and Florida braces for Irma’s destructive forces, there’s yet another powerful storm that threatens to make landfall in southern Mexico — Katia.

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It’s all pretty terrifying, really.

But not quite terrifying enough to keep New Orleans meteorologist Jason Disharoon from giving his forecast the full Katia Katya treatment.

We suppose you could argue the bit is in poor taste, but laughter is increasingly hard to come by these days so we’ll take it.

Watch below, and let’s all hope these storms sashay the hell away: