Weber Murderer John Katehis In It for the Fame, Cash


What do all briefly famous people want in exchange for their life stories? Cash. Even murderers.

Like John Katehis, the confessed killer of former WABC radio anchor George Weber. He’s willing to tell all to the right media outlet, so long as the price is right. Stashed away at the city’s psych ward Bellevue, the New York Post tried getting the 16-year-old to provide other sickening details to the grisly murder, but it was Katehis who “greedily” wanted to be paid. That Katehis has always been in it for the money, of course, is no surprise.

Wearing a light green jumpsuit and a menacing scowl on his face, Katehis again made clear there was only one way he’d spill the beans.

“Is this a cash offer?” snarled Katehis. “Cash offers only!”

Once it became clear no money would be exchanged, Katehis shot up and yelled again, “cash offers only!” and stormed out.

Sources have said the knife-loving Queens teen confessed to savagely stabbing Weber March 20 in the ABC News radioman’s Brooklyn apartment, where he went in response to a Craigslist ad offering $80 in exchange for kinky sex.

A few days later, Katehis’s dad lured him to an upstate rendezvous with detectives by promising to give him $300.