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Is Taylor Lautner Gay? Is Polygamy Practical? Can You Even Imagine a Gay Civil War?

Time for the Queerty weekend post with FIVE of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you!

1. Oh c’mon. That “the gays think everybody hot is gay” thing is BS. Out of the hundreds of attractive actors on TV and in movies there are maybe a couple dozen whose names are consistently floated as potential homos. And usually there’s at least some reason for it, like Taylor Lautner sounding a lot like Mark Indelicato on Ugly Betty. I never really bought the Jake Gylennhaal thing but had to admit the photos of him gazing soulfully into the eyes of another guy at a basketball game looked pretty damn gay. It usually takes a little smoke before people start suggesting there might be flames.

Codswallop shares his suspicions on So… Taylor Lautner, Gus Van Sant And Dustin Lance Black Walk Into A Bar…

2. There were a lot of boneheaded things said…outrageous, horrible things, but remember, this is a jock site, and the fact is there were A LOT of refutations to comments. I was encouraged.

Kevin takes an optimistic view on ESPN Readers Weigh In: The 27 Dumbest Comments About OUT Magazine Cover Boy Michael Irvin

3. But what’s the practical difference between two married people with 5 children, and 5 married people with two children? Not much, really.

Christian Fundamentalists should already know that polygamy is a perfectly acceptable type of marriage. The kings of Israel (Saul, David and Solomon) were all polygamists—as were most of the Hebrew tribal leaders. Abraham had a substitute wife when the original was barren. By American standards, the old Bible Patriarch’s marriages were crazy. So, they can’t rag on polygamists being contrary to God’s Will.

The legitimate concern of marriage law should be sorting out property interests, and the welfare of children. How to look after kid’s interests in polygamous relationships, I dunno. I suppose the smart thing to do is keep marriages between 2 people for now, and broaden the numbers once the kid’s interests can be properly protected. If these polygamists have a good solution for the problem, then if they can get it passed through their state legislature, it’s fine by me.

Dallas David is practical about polygamy If You’re For Consenting Adults’ Committed Relationships, Do You Support Polygamy?

4. To answer one of the questions, YES it’s better to be alone than to be around haters. Does her son actually WANT to go on all these outings? The parents and straight brother need to find their own social satisfaction without dragging the gender creative son along if there is any possibility that he will be treated unkindly. That is what being a parent is all about.

Chuck gives out gay-uncle advice on The Loneliness of Raising a Gender-Creative Son

5. …then let’s secede from the union and form the Gay States of America. We need a gay dictator and we need it now.

Queer Supremacist suggests secession on Maybe Vander Plaats, Santorum, And Bachmann Were Right: Slaves Had It Pretty Good!

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