Weekend Round-Up

Well hi there. We hope all is well with you, whoever and wherever you are. Unless you live in Los Angeles, in which case we cannot understand why you are inside when you could be at Santino Rice’s garage sale! Priorities, please.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite posts from this week:

• Woman to wed Boys Don’t Cry killer.

• Clinton, McCain already on the campaign trail.

• …and it’s time for Clinton to stop acting like her husband, with all the wishy-washiness on whether she likes gay people or not. Take a stance, lady! (2nd item)

• Boy band members into S&M. Seriously. And they’re hot. God bless Moldavia or wherever they’re from.

• Mariah Carey is a model now. If only she’d make an appearance on 8th and Ocean!

• And for those of you who missed South By Southwest: a round-up of the gayest best acts there. Music festivals are the new circuit parties. There were gays everywhere.