Weekend Round-Up

Yo yo yo, whassup homies? We just chillin this weekend, checkin out all the AMAZING AND INFORMATIVE posts on Queerty. Actually, these are just the fun ones, who cares about the news? A few highlights from the week:

• Okay, first: We didn’t write about this yet but we’re putting it in here anyway. What is Hollywood’s obsession with putting Elijah Wood in these angry violent fight-club movies? The dude was a Hobbit, he looks like a Hobbit, he will always be a Hobbit. No one wants to see her him with a shaved head. So tired.

Madonna at Coachella. So cool. Music festivals are so totally the new gay party. Circuit parties are over. And here are Madonna’s W photos, as well as her sketches by Gaultier.

• Chris is going to win, we love Paris even though she’s gone, and Mandisa was cut because America is prejudiced against heavy people. Or so we think.

• Casting call: Gays getting married? WE Television wants you. If they want to put you on the show, let us know, we’ve dealt with reality-TV producers before.

• Did you know those internet porn models get paid, like, $7500? What the hell are we doing working here? Yeah yeah yeah he got arrested, but that’s just because he’s in the military. WE’RE NOT. Sign us up please.

Marc Jacobs’ BF on HX. Does anyone care? Is this what gay news has come to?

• and a re-visit from last Friday: Have you seen the video of Brian Joubert working out his legs? It’s been on the internet for a while, but we’re putting it up again just to make sure.

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