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Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Snarky: GBF

Director Darren Stein channels the femme bitchiness of Mean Girls plus a healthy dose of Love, Simon in this high school comedy. As with Stein’s cult classic Jawbreaker, GBF lampoons high school status, teen culture, and the scandalousness of being queer. The story follows two raging closet cases plotting to become the most popular boys in school by coming out, and becoming the accessory–the gay best friend–of one of the school’s vapid popular girls. It goes without saying that the flaws of the plan become very apparent very quickly, as the two boys realize they might see each other as more than friends…or rivals.

With a script by writer George Northy, GBF has no shortage of sass. Stein doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a satirist, or purveyor of comedy. Though it debuted on streaming, GBF attracted an immediate cult following thanks to its mix of humor and sincerity. We offer it up as suggested viewing to anyone who has ever been a high school closet case, or a female bestie to one.

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