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Weekend Viewing: Gaga on SNL, and Another Gay “What Would You Do”

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It’s not a particularly LGBT-heavy weekend on the TV tubes, but with a Gaga blowout how much more gay do you need?

Ms Germanotta is slated to perform “Born this Way” on the season finale tonight, with guest Justin Timberlake. Will Justin bop over and do a little duet with Lady Gaga? That would be crazy if it actually happened, which is why it probably won’t, but we can dream.

It’s also the season finale of What Would You Do?, and they’re fagging out again. In the past, they’ve staged hidden-camera experiments to see what happens when a homophobic dad berates his son, or when a homophobic son berates his dad, or when a homophobic waiter berates a family. So they’re doing it again! Tonight, a gay couple gets berated by a waitress. We cannot watch this show without our heart rate going through the roof, so watch out if you have a cardiac condition.

And have you been watching this show Game of Thrones? Apparently it has a gay prince. The next episode’s on Sunday at 9pm on HBO. We don’t know how to work the television ever since the husband hooked up the Xbox and Playstation at the same time, so check it out and let us know if there’s any hot gay prince throne action.

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