WATCH: Weird Al Wants Us To Get Married

Okay, anti-gays. Pack it in. It’s all over. Here’s definitive proof that you’ve lost: Weird Al Yankovic supports marriage equality. And as the old political saying goes, “as go the song parodyists, so goes the nation.”

Al was cornered at a book signing by YouTuber (and frequent Queerty commenter) Jeff4 Justice, and peppered with questions about gays, intellectual property and dating. To his credit, Weird Al is a picture of patience and kindness. Also, he has apparently done some kind of deal with the lady in Death Becomes Her because he really does not look much older than the guy in UHF. (In related news: UHF came out 24 years ago, good lord.)

“Are you a supporter of marriage equality?” asks Jeff. “Yeah,” says Weird Al, and there you have it. There’s also a brief reference to Weird Al’s charitable work with HRC.

So, what a great guy. We actually went through a brief period of resenting Weird Al, due to the (untrue) rumor that he had created a kinda-homophobic parody song called “Which Backstreet Boy is Gay.” This is a good opportunity to spread the word that, in fact, he had nothing to do with it, so go ahead and buy his albums without remorse.

Also we do highly recommend this little NPR profile on Weird Al from 2011. Would you believe us if we told you that Al is unexpectedly sensitive, thoughtful, and genuine? Top that, Dr. Demento.