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A weird Matt Gaetz rap video just backfired in a way nobody was expecting

Florida rapper Kurt Jantz, a.k.a. Forgiato Blow, released a new music video called “Matt Gaetz” on YouTube this week. But what was intended to be a celebration of the anti-LGBTQ congressman quickly backfired in a way nobody could have expected.

(For the record: Jantz is a MAGA troll and, in general, we try not to give people like him a platform here on Queerty. But this story is simply too stupid not to share.)

The song glorifies Gaetz, with Jantz crooning, “He’s the Chosen One, yeah. Dedicated Congressman Matt Gaetz. Show him love.” The accompanying video, which was partially recorded during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando in February, includes b-roll footage of the Florida lawmaker smiling and posing for pictures.

Since its release, the video has racked up over 60,000 views and counting. Gaetz apparently liked it so much that he tweeted about it on Tuesday, writing: “@forgiatoblow47 going to the top of the charts w this!”

Now, here’s where it gets really stupid.

The video features an unexpected cameo: the wife Joel Greenberg, Gaetz’s former wingman who has been working with federal investigators looking into whether the congressman paid for sex with a high school student back in 2018.

Last year, Greenberg pleaded guilty to six federal counts, including sex trafficking of a minor, but agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for having dozens of other counts against him dropped. Since then, he’s reportedly been providing all sorts of dirt on Gaetz and other members of his inner circle.

About a minute into the video, Abby Greenberg can be seen looking directly into the camera and smiling. Later, she is spotted in the background mingling with other CPAC attendees.

The fact that Jantz included footage of Mrs. Greenberg in his video lionizing Gaetz means that either he’s an expert at trolling or he’s just really, really dumb. We’ll let you decide.

Abby Greenberg filed for divorce from Joel Greenberg last year not long after he pleaded guilty to those six federal charges. According to court documents, she stated “the marriage is irretrievably broken” as her reason. The divorce case remains open and unresolved.

After excitedly tweeting about the video on Tuesday, Gaetz now claims he didn’t recognize her in it. His spokesman Joel Valdez told local media yesterday, “Congressman Gaetz liked the beat and the lyrics. He hadn’t noticed any cameos.” He added that the anti-LGBTQ congressman wasn’t responsible for the video’s conception, composition, or lyrics.

Here’s how folx on Twitter responded to Gaetz’s tweet earlier this week…