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The weirdest part about the whole Jesse Williams nude leak

The Twitterverse has been freaking out after nude footage of actor Jesse Williams, who is currently starring in the Broadway revival Take Me Out, leaked this week.

An audience member snuck a camera inside Second Stage Theater, and America reacted as if it had never seen a naked man before. 

Seriously, TikTok should invest in teaching sex ed instead of dance routines that look like moves from an aerobics class so we can stop scandalizing body parts.

Don’t get us wrong: we love seeing a hot naked celebrity as much as the next guy. But then that’s why you should buy tickets and watch Williams’ play. Otherwise, it’s against his consent, and the photo loses its appeal.

Williams is unbothered by the media chaos, shrugging off going full frontal on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. He told Cohen that it’s really not that big of a deal. Ultimately, it’s just another one in the black hole of nudes that is the Twitterverse.

And yet some are still acting like they’ve never laid eyes on a male appendage before. It’s weird.

People should have the right to capitalize on their bodies–whether for art or pleasure–without being disrespected or privacy violated. 

Ironically, Williams joked that he initially felt insecure about how he looked naked on stage, so hopefully, at the very least, this proves how wrong he was.

The theater company feels less casual about the leak and condemned the act as a “gross and unacceptable violation of trust.”

Our take? We should all feel disrespected because this might prevent future celebrity naked bodies from volunteering to get under a shower on stage.

Now, some tweets…