Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce myself. My name is Bradford Shellhammer and I am the editor of this blog, I mean, online magazine. I like to call it an online magazine since that makes it sound all high-brow, but we are in fact a blog. Queerty is our name. We are Jossip’s gay baby.

The site is going to work like this. Monday through Friday my writers and I will be posting stories and links relating to the gay community. This is a lifestyle blog and that includes a lot: fashion, fitness, sex, design, interiors, culture, performing arts, technology, politics, art, grooming, gossip, food, etc. We tip our hat to our buddy Andy Towle. He is the source we go to each morning to get the gay news and we will continue to do so. We don’t want to replace Andy, we want to complement him. Think of us as his sassy, younger sister.

Each morning Queerty’s 1st post will be Morning Goods. This is the obligatory post of some hot, usually shirtless, guy. It is a light hearted way to start the day and a way to get you to come back. We promise to be diverse in the types of people we feature. Have an idea? Shoot us an email. Want to be the Morning Goods model? Even better. Send us your photos.

Once again thanks for stopping by and we strongly encourage you to communicate with us. Shoot over any comments, ideas, frustrations, news items, gossip, or praise. An online magazine, oops, I mean, blog is only as interesting as its readers.