Baltic State

Welcome to Lithuania, Where Maybe Even The Gays Don’t Want Equality

A new poll of Lithuanians claims that a shockingly low 4% of the Baltic country’s citizens are in favor of same-sex civil unions.

The statistic was released as part of a recent survey of more than a thousand Lithuanians by market research group RAIT. If it’s true that gays make up about 3%-5% of the general world population, then not a single straight Lithuanian is supporting his LGBT countrymen. The same poll says that a whopping 70% of Lithuanians would like to see civil unions recognized—but only for heterosexuals.

As for same-sex marriage in Lithuania, forget it: Many believe that the country’s constitution already forbids it, while conservative politicians are attempting to go the way of neighboring Latvia and explicitly amend the constitution to outlaw gay nuptials.

Photo via Lithuanian State Department of Tourism