Well, the full ‘Call Me By Your Name’ sex scenes (including the peach) have hit the Internet

Right this very moment you could drop what you’re doing, head to any number of stores, drop less than you’d spend on a few cocktails and become the proud owner of the precise digital data that would enable you to watch 2017’s Call Me By Your Name over and over again to your heart’s content.

Or why leave the house? Eh?

You could head over to iTunes, save yourself the gas and time and human interaction that comes with a trip into the scary outside world, and watch the film on a loop in perpetuity.

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We don’t really recommend that, but it’s an option. Just throwing it out.

And speaking of options, if you’ve seen the film and are mostly just interested in rewatching a few…ahem…key moments, the Internet’s got you covered on that front, too.

Head here to relive the film’s most intimate moments, featuring literal and figurative peaches.