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Well Kathy Griffin Was Going to Have to Piss Off One of These Gay Husbands

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Bet you’re real sorry you missed The Marriage Ref‘s first gay couple to take their household tiff to a national broadcast network. Florida’s Michael Wigh and David Salinero have been feuding about a giant Betty Boop statue that sits in their kitchen, greeting or scaring away guests, depending on how you look at it. And how did the panel of Nathan Lane, Kathy Griffin, and Tracy Morgan rule on this ridiculous gay saga?

Says Lane: “This may single-handedly put an end to the fight for gay marriage.” Yes.

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  • Mike L.

    I’m anti-Boop, that thing is too big, it’s creepy, the food is fake (and made me crave for a burger), and it’s just fugly in the kitchen maybe.

    Michael can have his own space (room away from guests) where he can keep memmorabilia or whatev that is too much and can scare ppl away.

  • Tessie Tura

    I LOVED Nathan Lane’s line about the Big Boy hairdo. Priceless.

  • Jeremy

    I’m sorry but with 3 funny people, this show is still super bullcrap for me. Don’t ask me why but I think it’s a snooze fest. What idiot at NBC green-lighted this to be produced?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Tracy Morgan? The guy who said he’d kill himself if his son was gay? The man who said he doesn’t like homosexuals? The guy who said being gay is a choice? That Tracy Morgan?

  • David in Houston

    What is Tracy Morgan doing there? I thought the panel was suppose to be full of comedians. (rim shot)

    You want Betty Boop in the kitchen? Buy a poster or a wall clock or salt and pepper shakers. You don’t stick a life-sized statue in your incredibly small kitchen. Then he brags about putting his partner’s 10-inch Cher doll in the closet where it belongs. Does he not get the connection?

    I would have told my partner, “If you don’t move that monstrosity, she might mysteriously end up with a huge hole in her head created by a rogue hammer.” Problem solved.

  • Eric Flatoe

    I cannot stand the host of that show, every comment feels forced and his superior attitude is backed up by nothing of substance! Jerry Seinfeld should have pulled a marlene dietrich-after his hit show, and left us wanting…now he’s double dipping and it’s not flattering!!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Ogre Magi

    Did he really say all of that?

    Unfortunately, yes. During his one man show at Carnegie Hall last year.

  • TheJaylyne

    I hate Kathy Griffin. I felt that she was trying WAY to hard to get attention.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    That show sucks.

  • Jim

    Sorry, but I can’t stand Kathy Griffin. She has nothing to say of any significance and lousy material when she does say something, nothing but stupid gossip. She is a complete television fake and desires nothing more than her own fame. The fact that gays support her so much shows how desperate we are for celebrities to look up to.

  • jason


    I totally support you. I’m of the view that the gay community is in terminal decline, a lot of it self-inflicted.

    It’s beyond tragic that we suck at the teat of paltry celebrities like Nathan Lane or Kathy Griffin. Are we so desperate?

    I’m reminded of those gay guys who get their life’s inspiration from watching drag queens miming to songs on a gaudy stage.


    I liked Kathy before she sold her soul to Gay inc. Btw, Nathan Lane is an extremely talented man who is pretty open about who he is, so, the random put down of him is unwarranted, IMHO.

  • Yet Another

    I’m sorry, I didn’t know we had to secure a-list gay celebrities to keep our community relevant? WTF?

  • David Ehrenstein

    @jason: What gay community are yo talking about? There are MANY gay communities. The better ones live the way they want to live in steely defiance of absolutely everyone — gay or straight.


  • Lady Of Shalott

    I absolutely love Nathan Lane. And the fact that Kathy Griffin didn’t shut up for a moment to let him speak annoyed me immensly. She was very irritating and seemed to want to be the center of things. The show is terrible but she could have actually taken the time to listen and think over the problems these people were having before opening her mouth. Oh yeah. Tracy Morgan is so unfunny. Like him on ’30 Rock’ but here he was just sad.

  • Cam

    A question and a comment.

    1. When did Nathan Lane come out? I remember seeing him on shows and he was much more coy, but good for him. (Not that he was much of a shock! :) ))

    2. Is anybody else tired of Kathy Griffin constantly telling us that she is more gay than any gay man in the room? I get that it’s part of her schtick, but there comes a point when if she wasn’t terrified to go to wrestling practice for fear of getting a hard-on, or afraid the other kids in Drama/Band etc… would find out that you had a cruch on the 1st chair trumpet player, then I don’t want to hear about what a “Gay Man” she is.

  • JR

    I remember Kathy donating her time and energy for a number of Gay causes long before her show “My Life On The D-List”.
    Please stop throwing our biggest supporters under the bus.
    I Love Kathy Griffin!

  • Cam

    No. 18 · JR
    I remember Kathy donating her time and energy for a number of Gay causes long before her show “My Life On The D-List”.
    Please stop throwing our biggest supporters under the bus.

    You mean back when we were her main audience? Look, It is not throwing her under the bus to comment that I get tired of the whole “I’m a gay man” thing from her. Nathan Lane was right there, I guess because she says bitchy things and likes Betty Boop she says she is more of a gay man then the person who actually had to struggle with it. She is one of our large supporters because we are her largest audience segment.

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