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Well Maybe Janet Napolitano Does Want to Peek at Lady Parts

This has been the lead story on Drudge Report all day. What you see here is Matt Drudge, a conservative gay man, implying that Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano — who’s been under fire by the right-wing with demands she resign after the bungled Northwest terror plot — is a lesbian (which she may very well be), and that she wants to see the naked goods of American women by spying on them via advanced X-ray machines at airports. Andrew Sullivan wonders aloud, “Isn’t outing people something Drudge might want to avoid?” Which is, uh, not even the point, because Matt has been dodging the gay rumors for years. So what we’re looking at isn’t a callous misstep from Drudge in the arena of outing political types, but his engagement of the “gays are scary” storyline that’s often pushed by, well, self-hating conservative gays.