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Well Of Course Coming Out Will Totally Limit An Actor’s Career


Even though Matthew Weiner, the heterosexually married creator of Mad Men, employs the gay actor Bryan Batt on his show, it’s not like he has the best outlook on homos in Hollywood. Which makes sense. “Let’s not pretend” that coming out limits career opportunities, says Weiner. Even Neil Patrick Harris, always cited as the one who broke the mold, has “limitations to the kinds of roles that he can get in the future” But: “He knows that and would rather live his life honestly.” This is true! Also: Harris didn’t come out until after he scored his CBS sitcom; things could have gone differently had he been out while How I Met Your Mother was still casting. And as much as we like to encourage actors to come out, come out, wherever they are, you’re lying to yourself if you disagree with Weiner. Actors who come out absolutely limit the roles they can get, the same way, uh, openly Hispanic actors do! You think TR Knight is rolling in job offers at the moment?