Welsh Teen On Trial For Murdering Elderly Gay Man, Filming Victim’s Corpse

An 18-year-old in Cardiff, Wales, is on trial for murdering an older gay man he met on a dating site and then boasting about his crime in a video depicting the corpse.

Bleddyn Rees King stands accused of murdering 63-year-old David Evans in January, then ransacking and setting fire to Evans’ home to hide his involvement. Evans’ cat was also killed in the melee.

The prosecution contends King deliberately chose an elderly gay man as his target, assuming he would be more vulnerable and less likely to press charges: “Fuck around with me and this is what happens,” King reportedly claims in the video he made after the killing. “You fuck with me and you fuck with the best.”

King admits to killing Evans, but insists he “lost control” when the elderly man went further sexually than he was ready for.  But prosecutors reject that claim, saying King has changed his story several times since his arrest, including one account in which he was supposedly protecting Evans from a pair of thugs. “He told officers ‘I should have a medal for it,” says attorney Michael Mathers-Lee.

Oh yeah, you’re a regular Man of the Year.

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  • BritAus

    I don’t understand these DUMB chavs who boast ONLINE about killing a person, think that the police wouldn’t see it.

  • BritAus

    won’t see it
    my proof reading sucks

  • Stache99

    Yeah, that kind of makes it a bit harder for dumb asses gay panic defense.

    He’ll probably still get off with a slap on the wrist though due to the age difference.

  • EvonCook

    I don’t think the British, or even the Welsh, are such suckers for the ridiculous “gay panic defense” as bigoted or ignorant Americans are prone to be. And the “age difference” should have absolutely nothing to do with it. Let’s remember CraigsList and other sites are an open door invitation for this sort of thing, even more so than bar hookups, so ALWAYS keep a record of new and found “friends” before they come calling.

  • EvonCook

    P.S. Really hope this lad gets more than he can handle in prison. Nice to think of him being properly gang raped on a regular if not daily basis.

  • stadacona

    EvonCook – I was married to a Brit and know that shit hole little island well. The British are far more ignorant than Americans due to their comparative poverty, and also far more likely to shoot their ignorant mouths off insulting others out of frustration of their lousy lives, as you’ve just shown. Given a choice, I and most of the planet would take the USA over shit hole UK any day. The USA is the most important and most vibrant country, with the largest creative class on the planet. The UK – not so much.

  • tobyg1

    Wow! Stadacona – you must have really been hanging with the lowest classes in the UK! I’ve spent a lot of time there and have many well educated and very liberal friends there. I know there is homophobia there, as there is everywhere, but I’ve never run into it in person, even in rural areas. As for national comparisons for ignorance – you must be kidding! I love my country but hey – what’s the percentage that thinks Obama is a Muslim, born in Kenya??? Isn’t it 40 something percent? I sincerely hope it isn’t that high but it is a significant number. Then there are the crerationists, the asnti-evolutionists, the white supremicists…need I go on? I’d say the Brits haver NO monopoly on ignorance.

  • streeteditions

    Seems like those people who used to photocopy their face/dick/butt have been breeding.

  • Evji108

    63 is elderly? That’s not even retirement age.

  • streeteditions

    In realization that presently both “gay” and “normative”culture values seem to prize/value youth and its characteristics, I remember when anyone over 30 was OLD!! And at 61, my bones are old!!! With one exception.))

  • JayHobeSound

    @stadacona: “The USA is the most important and most vibrant country, with the largest creative class on the planet.”

    Really?! Some of the countries upon whih we have imposed liberty and democracy with bombs and bullets might not agree.

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