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Wendy Williams Fails Queerty’s Gay Marriage Quiz, Explains Origins Of “How Ya Doin”

Talk show host Wendy Williams has been a longtime ally, but she’s quick to admit that she doesn’t always keep up on LGBT news.

When asked what two states were the latest to pass marriage equality, she drew a blank.

“I have to be very honest with you, I’ve been married for 14 years,” says Williams, “and I also realize that marriage is not for everyone. Being a baby’s mother, baby’s father, or just partners in crime, is just fine. But I do believe in marriage equality and you’ll pardon me if I don’t remember all the states.”

She also explains the origins of her trademark phrase “how ya doin’,” which was not invented with the help of gay friends but does, she says, “have a drag aspect to it.”

Wendy also stopped by the Ketel One VIP Suite to have a cocktail and a clay mold of her hand made (photo above). For each celebrity that did so, Ketel One donated $1,000 directly to GLAAD.

Photo: WireImage for Ketel One Vodka

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  • xixax

    I. LOVE. HER.

  • Rockery

    She is funny – I watch her show (only the Hot Topics and Fan Out parts)

  • DenverBarbie

    She’s so fierce. I adore her!

  • ousslander

    I love me some Wendy!

  • Steve

    I use to listen to Wendy when she was WLBS and I knew radio couldn’t contain such a force.

  • Ashton C

    Wendy Williams is a big a GLBBT ally as Perez Hilton is a Gay role model. As a matter of fact her How ya doin???!! used to be Wendy’s back handed homophobic greeting to red-carpet celebrities who were gay but in the closet. Yep, Wendy started her career dishing on rappers who were leading double lives, but this went on to include all celebrities she didn’t favor or who didn’t agree with her. Her spats with Will Smith, Puff Daddy and specially Whitney Houston because of her constant attempts at outing them is documented both in writing and in their songs. To call this woman an ally is a little ignorant if not down right insulting. Wendy only cares about herself, her ratings and her fake “rehabilitated clean as whistle” reputation. Hey Wendy, “How u doin?”

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