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Wendy Williams has finally spoken about how her show ended and–“EEK!”–she’s not happy

“This is the way ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ ends. Not with a ‘How you doin’?’ but a clip-show.” – T.S. Eliot

Wendy Williams’ eponymous talk show churned out over a decade of chaos and gossip before ending unceremoniously last month with a finale the host wasn’t even asked to be a part of.

She’s finally addressed the show’s wilted close, and it’s clear she isn’t a fan.

“There was nothing I liked about the [the final episode of] The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams says plainly to the New York Post. “Debmar-Mercury, in my opinion, should have done it with [me], not these other people on The Wendy Williams Show.”

When asked why she wasn’t involved, the host explains that the Debmar-Mercury production team didn’t ask her make an appearance at all.

“[Debmar-Mercury] didn’t ask me to do that, so I didn’t. I sat in my apartment and I watched it. And [I was] like, ‘Eek!’”

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The show’s finale came after a string of personal issues and health troubles for the host, the latter of which have worsened over time. She recently spoke with TMZ about the advancement of her lymphedema leaving her with “maybe five percent” feeling left in her feet.

The production team allegedly developed bad blood with Williams after she took an extended vacation to deal with her health problems.

By the time she was ready to return to the airwaves, they’d already decided to replace her with Sherri Shepherd — first as a guest host ’til the finale, then with a show for Shepherd in Williams’ time slot.

In addition to effectively booting Williams from the show, the entirety of The Wendy Williams Show‘s online presence was promptly scrubbed from the internet following the finale, including all its social pages and YouTube videos.

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Williams is doing her best at moving forward; she’s already announced a new podcast in the works called The Wendy Experience Podcast.

“If you’re extremely famous like I am, [hosting a podcast] will make more money than being on The Wendy Williams Show,” she notes.

Hopefully her recent hardships will make for a more measured, less problematic iteration of the host on this upcoming podcast. Then again, where’s the fun in that?

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