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  • FarleyNY

    Senny, marry me. Oh wait, that’s illegal.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    I don’t give a rat’s behind about Wendy Williams, but does anyone know the name of the HOT model in the ad on the home page?

  • JP

    Now this is just dumb…

  • Matthew

    Geesh it’s just a show! If people are looking towards these guys and their “show” as being a role model to the gay community then that’s just stupid. Of course they are over dramatizing everything, of course they are playing it up for the camera, it’s because it’s a SHOW, if they were just regular gay guys they wouldn’t get the ratings. Just like the real housewives of whatever, if they were just plain housewives then nobody would watch it.


    There’s a show called Wendy Williams? When did that happen?

  • hephaestion

    Wendy’s anti-bullying ad is wonderful. I love her.

    I don’t see how anyone can watch that awful “A-List” show. Those guys are so immature and silly I wouldn’t spend a minute of my time with any of them – unless I was paid about $10,000.00 a minute. Then I’d probably spend a minute with them, if paid in cash, but only a minute. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d quickly lose IQ points.

  • Jason

    She’s another dumb black person.I’m so over black people.When will the gay community realize we have nothing in common with these people.

  • Devonasa

    First of all, Jason give it a rest…

    Second of all. calling them bullies is ridiculous. I’m sure the boy in the video means well, but is he and the writers of Queerty really going to sit here and say they have never talked shit about someone, or gossiped…the men on the A List aren’t bullies, do they gossip behind each others back, sure…but are they taunting one another day after day, calling each other derogatory names,and beating up someone unprovoked…no.

    But if we are really going to stand here and equate what they do on the show as bullying, then every person on this earth might as well never speak out on bullying and just go about our business. There is a clear distinction in what the men on The A List do and what bullying actually is, and we all now it.

    These men aren’t martyrs and shouldn’t have to be some gleaming example of the gay community. We have plenty of those, I honestly think in what Reichan said in his interview had some truth to it, I don’t agree with him saying they represent everyone..but I do agree that people need to stop pushing the hang-ups people have about the misconceptions of the gay community on them. If your looking to reality tv for representation…then your going to be shit out of luck.

  • Ealan75

    This is no surprise. Catty girls always flock together.

  • TripleB

    Jason : I’d say it’s more accurate to call her another dumb daytime talk show host. Or, who knows, maybe she’s not that dumb but the show’s producers are going to put the dumbest junk on her show because that’s what the daytime audience likes to see.

  • tonyd

    Isn’t Queerty supporting bullies by hosting live blogging the Z-List NYC Douche Sessions? If I’m not mistaken, Queerty also advertised the show…well you do by mentioning anything about it. You ever thought about thought?

  • AndrewW

    People watch this Show?

  • Teluride

    Bullies on A-List? Someone needs to reread the def of bully cuz that show ain’t got any.

  • On The Road

    Being a bully and being a bitch aren’t the same thing.

  • spider_orchid

    @Jason: lmfao. OH REALLY! That’s the worst troll move EVER.


    I am so very sorry, but being that the “A” List douchfags are so self absorbed, vapid, annoying, and utterly inconsequential in the Gay universe I would seriously consider bullying them myself……………. :p

  • OrchidIslander

    Jason, says: “I’m so over black people.When will the gay community realize we have nothing in common with these people.”

    Insert “white” in front of “gay community” and the rest of your sentence is pretty much a done deal….

  • hephaestion

    @Jason: What a ridiculous, stupid, absurd comment.

    Ever heard of Langston Hughes? James Baldwin? Alvin Ailey? Noah’s Arc? Barbara Jordan? Wanda Sykes? Alice Walker? RuPaul? Johnny Mathis? Bayard Rustin? Paul Winfield? Jesus, this world would suck if it were not for the contributions of black gays & lesbians.

  • Kieran

    If Senny Dey is really getting upset about a show featuring an all-gay cast on the Logo channel, all I can say is this boy has way too much time time on his hands. And if he thinks any of the guys from “A-List NY” qualifies as a “bully”, then he must be living in a very, very sheltered and pampered world indeed.

  • Kamikapse

    People are just on Senny’s diq, because he’s young and somewhat attractive.. if he was some ugly dude people would be ripping him to shreds on here.

  • alan brickman

    Maybe because they weren’t wearing dresses…

  • UhHuh

    LOL @ Heph. Yeah, the world would really suck if thoose people you mention never existed. (Though I do love Johnny M.)

  • adman

    Calling them bullies is a stretch. To compare the treatment of Austin and Rodiney at various times as comparable to that of victims is far from credible. They haven’t been bullied, Rodiney is a lobotomy victim and needs to be led around in his stupor, and Austin was raised by wolves. Since that’s the situation, the group needs to act for some semblance of cohesions sake. I mean Rodiney threw a drink on Austin, (who is an aggressively feral monster, sure) and got that ass whupped. So should anybody who does that. When is this stupid “passive aggression is so feminine, therefore acceptable” BS going to stop? So many martyrs, so few nails I say. It’s always the one wearing the halo that starts this crap, guaranteed.

  • Hilarious

    Drama queen.

  • Wendy


    She aint doing it for free queens

  • rrr

    @adman: Rodiney threw a drink after he’d been verbally provoked. He was also picked on and plotted against by the group despite being about the most harmless puppyish guy imaginable. The behavior of the other guys can be fairly characterized as bullying – bullying occurs at various degrees and in many settings.

    Rodiney’s foreign and has a strong accent but he shows more sense than most of those guys, although that’s faint praise given his company on the show.

  • scott ny'er

    @rrr: I’d like to ad that he had been provoked previously by said bully (austin) and thus I think he finally had it. It was building steam. Sort of like how a kid whose been bullied for over a period of time will get a gun and start shooting peeps.

  • $0.02

    @Number 18 indeed you’re right.

    @22, yes the world would indeed suck if none of those people existed. try looking them up and their contributions before you open your mouth…

  • adman

    @rrr: Maybe you and Scott missed Ryan’s deliberate and well thought out entreaty to Austin beforehand, asking him to play along and play nice. Ryan as well made his extension of an invite to Reichen that was of course ignored, than accepted, then ignored, then whatever a Golden Retriever thinks before it runs into traffic and gets run over happened somewhere in Rodiney’s small brain. (The mercenary model section of the cortex?)SOOOO he agreed to show up with Riechen. Just their little “surprise”. Always passive aggressive, always hiding behind his thick-ass “Who me?” facade, can’t stand the bitch. Have you ever noticed it’s the ones who believe hospitable sentiments fall the sky from the asses of angels that cause the most drama? Case in point, Rodiney.

  • Montemalone


    I thought she was a punk rock pioneer, and white.
    Oh well, another thing that makes me a fossil in the land of prepubescence.

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