Wentworth Miller, Robbie Rogers, Steve Grand: Who Is The Next Gay Icon?

This year, the batch of eligible queer icons expanded drastically when several high-profile celebs came out of the closet. Actor Wentworth Miller, soccer stud Robbie Rogers, NBA player Jason Collins, WWE superstar Darren Young, former Disney starlet Raven-Symoné and longtime rumor magnet Jodie Foster are all a part of the big gay club now. But who had the Closet Door Bustdown of the Year? Vote now in the 2013 Queerties.

Of course, we already had amazing out-and-proud candidates in the spotlight, including hunky singer Steve Grand, Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox and sexpot Carmen Carrera. Vote now for whom of these will be the Next Big Queer!

With every positive portrayal of LGBT lives, there comes the primetime party-poopers wanting to rain on our gay parade. Who was the biggest Douche of the Year? Vladimir Putin, Pope Benedict, Scott Lively, Robert Mugabe or Bryan Fischer?

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