Gays Do Good

We’re Going to Trick You Into Donating to Charity With Pictures of Hot Guys


We get it. You’re broke. You’re laid off. You’ve got bills to pay. Your 401(k) looks like NBC’s programming: Full of holes, and getting worse by the day. But for most of you, the mere fact that you can read this website on a computer screen (or mobile phone) means you’ve got it better off than some. Like homeless gay youth. And LGBT seniors. Which is why we’re piggybacking on the white water rafting fundraiser Rapid Quest from the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, one of Queerty‘s Top 5 Best Gay Charities.

It’s like walking to cure breast cancer or running to cure leukemia, except with paddles, rapids, life vests, and a real action you can see: Training programs, housing, food, HIV testing, and counseling for queer people young and old. Friend of Queerty Darion is raising cash for the program by taking part in the weekend-long rafting trip. Don’t get us wrong: Darion is going to have a blast, and he’d probably spend the weekend sloshing about with other do-gooders without having to raise the money. But collecting cash is his goal.


And now it’s our goal. How can we convince you to drop $10, $25, or $100 in his bucket? By spreading out hotties from Rapid Quest on the following pages.

First up is Keith Angell undressing his way through the experience, shot by photographer John Fallon. That’s followed by photos of participants from last year’s successful event.

Appreciate the eye candy? Then show some monetary love.

Donate to Darion’s Rapid Quest fundraiser here. (Learn more about Rapid Quest and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center.)