Were Two Italian Guys Blackmailing Gay Priests Or Charging Them For Nookie?

Thirty-year-old Italian courier Giuseppe Trementino says that a priest who he delivered a package to seduced him and that after they traded numbers, the priest began to give him money “of his own free will.” The priest later contacted police. But by then, Trementino had already hooked up with another gay priest who gave him 300 Euros to buy a rail pass and 3 days worth of condoms, lube, booze and weed for a wild weekend together. Soon after, Trementino claims that hundreds of gay priests began contacting him for sex and that he started charging them. But is Trementino a Catholic casanova or a gay-on-gay blackmailer?

Trementino and his 35-year-old roommate Diego Maria Caoggiano say that they began charging priests up to 10,000 Euros for webcam and physical encounters, mostly to filter out the priests’ multitude of “disgusting,” “absurd,” and “asphixiating” requests. But police discovered that that Caoggiano and Trementino had computers with over 100 priests’ contact details, cell phone numbers, incriminating Facebook messages, and digital recordings of their sex sessions.

The Isernia town prosecutors who spearheaded the judicial probe (too easy) said “There are ‘a multitude of priests’ in Italy who are keen for sexual contact via the Internet.” Dang! If that’s true, someone in Isernia needs to set-up and start making some mad Euros stat!

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