West Hollywood Trans Attack Leaves Victim With Broken Jaw


An early morning attack of a 25-year-old transgender man in Los Angeles was caught on surveillance video, showing the suspect putting his shirt on just before knocking him to the ground, kicking him, and hitting him in the head with a bottle, leaving him with a broken jaw. Police are searching for two men and three women who can be seen in the video witnessing (or standing by) during the attack. The men had just left the Latino drag bar Plaza in West Hollywood. Interestingly, the shop that captured the video is a marijuana dispensary. Police are not calling the attack a hate crime.

(The news reports identify the victim as a “transgender woman … who was dressed as a man.” Sticking to our own style guide, this makes the victim a transgender man.)


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  • Wyatt

    Bahaha! Anyone else find it ironic that the a weed dispensary is the one that caught it on tape? That damn demon weed!

    Terrible about the victim, though. Why can’t people just pull their heads out of their asses? *sigh* Vibes to trans guy.

  • Tori

    I’m confused is this a trans man or woman.You guys need to be more clear about things.

  • T

    I’m pretty sure the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Act does classify physical harm of transgender people a hate crime. If the victim has stated this is a reason then its now a Federal issue.

  • Jeffee

    Headline confusion, yet again: “Trans Attack” could mean either a Transperson attacked someone or was attacked by someone. Would we say “Gay Attack” or “Lesbian Attack”? I doubt it. Let’s be consistent and clear.

    Regardless, it’s sad to read that someone was attacked while others looked on. I hope the attacker is found and that the victim gets some justice –plus counseling to deal with the trauma. (weed alone won’t be enough!).

    A hate crime is a hate crime.

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